Canton Offices For Rent FAQs

Thanks for visiting Professional Office Suites, LLC. We’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see a question you have answered here, please call Justin directedly at (404) 631-6344.

Which offices work best for my business?

There are generally 2 types of office spaces that businesses are looking to rent. One option is the traditional office spaces, which a popular choice for a long time. This is the best option for businesses that provide services or any specialized processes for clients, which requires a stationary space for employees.

Executive suites are becoming a more popular choice these days because this is where you get office space that has everything that you could need for your business. This includes having a kitchen that has microwaves and a refrigerator to ensure that your employees have a nice space for their break.

What do I need to know about square footage and space rent?

When you are deciding on an office space, you need to be sure to know the most important terms:

  • usable square footage (USF);
  • common area factor (CAF); and
  • rentable square footage (RSF).

Usable square footage will include the actual office space and other areas that you will be working in. Common area factor is a part of the office space that is shared with other tenants, which you pay a portion of. These common areas include spaces like bathrooms, lobbies, and break rooms. Rentable square footage refers to the total of the USF and the CAF that you are responsible for.

There are some office spaces that are all inclusive and you just need to pay your monthly rent for the space. It’s important to carefully read your rental agreement so that you know exactly what you need to about how much you are paying and what that money is paying for.

Why aren’t there prices listed on your website?

The prices for your office space can depend on several factors. That’s why we encourage our clients to ask us any questions that they may have. When we tour through the different options that we have available, we will discuss the rental terms including the price of renting the office space. We want to make sure that you get the space that you need.

What size office works best for my business?

When you are touring office spaces, you don’t want to just jump into an option. You want to make sure that you get an office space that is going to work for the specific needs of your company. To help with this, there are a few questions that you may want to ask yourself.

The first question you need to figure out is whether or not you just need space for your office or if you also need spaces where you can have meetings as well. You want your office space to work well for the needs of your business, which is why this is an important consideration for your productivity.

You also want to take a look at the security situation for the office space. This is especially important if your client notifications and/or equipment does need to be carefully secured. Take a close look to make sure that the office space is as secure as you need it to be.

Another thing that you should be looking at is whether or not there are any renovations that are necessary for the office space. If there is, you should be sure to have it in your contract that these will be completed prior moving into your new office space.

Lastly, carefully look at the amenities. Amenities are important to any office space. If you are sharing these amenities, you should know beforehand so that you can plan your day accordingly. This will allow you to be as productive as possible. For instance, if you are sharing a meeting space, you need to discuss when you can use the space with the other tenants.

What should I ask while touring rental office space?

As you tour your Canton office space for rent, it’s important that you ask as many questions as possible. This will help you decide on whether or not this is the office space for your needs. One question that you should ask is whether or not there is a guarantee for price/rent control. The rent should remain the same for as long as you are under contract. After the rental term is over, rent may go up. But rent should never go up during your agreement.

Another question that you should ask is who else is a tenant in the office space. There may be other tenants in the building that can have an impact on your business. Knowing who the other tenants are can always be a great idea so that you don’t get any surprises when you move into your office space.

It’s also important to ask when the last time the office space has been inspected. You don’t want to rent out an office space to find out that the office isn’t to code. The office space should be in compliance in not only your area but also the other parts of the property as well. This will give you peace of mind that you and any employees and/or clients are safe when they are visiting your office. Regular inspections can ensure that your office space is to code and safe for people.

Finally, you should see what your options are in case you need to expand your business. Growing your business is a good sign, but you want to make sure that you have the flexibility to grow as your business needs to, if you need it to.

What is the benefit of choosing one of your locations?

Our office space rentals are conveniently located in downtown Canton, GA. This is a hub of activity, where you can find numerous restaurants and other places of interest that can make this idyllic location even more desirable. Whether you want to be close to some of the finest restaurants that this historic district has to offer for client meetings or just want to be in one of the coolest locations in the area, this is the best place for you.